Preeti Bhide

Our founder, Preeti, has lived and travelled across the world and currently spends her time between India and Iceland. Travel planning is truly where her heart lies and she also runs Iceland Offbeat, a boutique travel company together with her Icelandic husband.

Karmic Journeys is born from the passion to provide travellers with a more meaningful experience of India, with a focus on the cultural, spiritual and natural heritage of India.
Our roots in India provide the experience and knowledge to plan creative and unique itineraries. At the same time, we have the essential insight into the foreign traveller to be able to deliver quality service and authentic experiences.
Each holiday is flexible and unique. Your holiday is all about you - you tell us what you want, we plan and take care of the details.

Welcome to Karmic Journeys! We believe that a holiday is not just about the destination but also the journey..."

Ayesha D'cruz

Ayesha is a wellness entrepreneur and blogger. Wellness is her “Ikigai”, where her passion, skills and career potential coincide and her mission is to empower people to make choices that enhance their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Grown up in India and spent over a decade living in the USA, Ayesha has worked with people across borders with the opportunity to see India through the eyes of those around the world and appreciate different perspectives. 

Having experienced it first hand, she personally believes that taking time to travel and connect with yourself while simple in concept, is profound and life-altering in impact.

Ayesha specializes in crafting bespoke wellness programs tailored to the personality, life stage and specific wellness goals of individuals and groups. So whether you look to rejuvenate in the lofty Himalayas or want to soak in the spiritual experience by the holy Ganges or simply want to de-stress with Ayurveda therapies and a yoga immersion experience along the shores in Kerala, she'd be the perfect person to plan these for you.