Tamil Nadu Temples Top Picks

With some of the most impressive temples in the world, the state of Tamil Nadu is a must-visit for travellers interested in the religious and architectural heritage of India.
Intricately carved and steeped in ancient history and Dravidian culture, the temples of south India will leave you mesmerised. What's more - many of them are located in spectacular surroundings so as to give you an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the Bay of Bengal coastline.
Here are some of our top picks...


Built by the Chola Dynasty in the 11th century and dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is one of the Great Living Chola temples.
Don't miss the huge statue of Nandi at the entrance which is carved out of a single piece of rock. 


Picturesquely located overlooking the Bay of Bengal, this complex of temples and shrines is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Dating back to the 7th century, this magnificent piece of architecture is believed by some to have been part of the Seven Pagodas.
Plan your visit to coincide with the Mamallapuram Dance Festival, usually held every year during December & January.


The Meenakshi Aman temple dedicated to Shiva & Parvati (Meenakshi) is the largest and one of the most revered temples of Tamil Nadu. The temple was rebuilt in the 16th century after the original 6th-century structure was destroyed.
With 14 gopurams (gates) and 33,000 sculpture, this is a must-visit on the temple trail around Tamil Nadu.


This temple on the Rameswaram island has mythological significance with the lingam being built by Sita in the Ramayana. Considered one of the holiest temples, it is one of the twelve jyotirlinga and also part of the char dham yatra.
Don't miss the long corridor in the temple!

Published by Sturla Stígsson on 12. janúar 2018